Globaalne Eestlane | First Global Estonian Town Hall Discussion

First Global Estonian Town Hall Discussion

pühapäev, veebruar 10, 2019

Representatives from the major Estonian political parties participated in an open debate at the Estonian House in Toronto, Canada, for a pre-election discussion on the global community of Estonians on Feburary 10th.

Participants Meelis Niinepuu (Estonia 200), Urmas Reinsalu (Pro Patria/Isamaa), Imre Sooäär (the Centre Party), Jaak Madison (the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia), Eerik-Niiles Kross (the Reform Party), Sven Mikser (Social Democrats) and Andres Herkel (the Free Party) discussed how the Estonian government can better cooperate and communicate with the Estonian global community to create a global Estonian identity, regardless of where we live and what languages we speak, the organisers said.

The debate was moderated by Andres Kasekamp and Marcus Kolga.

The event was organised by the Estonian Central Council in Canada in cooperation with the union of Swedish Estonians, the Estonian American National Council, the Association of Australian Estonian Societies and the Estonian World Council.

Watch the Town Hall Discussion below.