Globaalne Eestlane | EMW x Tartu College 50 Online Concert Series: Erik Laar

EMW x Tartu College 50 Online Concert Series: Erik Laar

Laupäev, oktoober 24, 2020 - 9:00pm
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Join us in the celebration of 50 years of Tartu College right here on Facebook live with Erik Laar!

Erik Laar is an experimental multi genre producer, turntablist, vocalist, and instrumentalist. Erik's special blend of electronics brings together' organic analog with a digital filter. Big bad beats with a soft side. Born and raised in Toronto with Estonian roots, his career has often taken him to perform in UK and California. Since 2004, Laar is the owner, director, and instructor at Off Centre DJ School.

Listen to some of Erik Laar's work on

In September we started a series of live-stream concerts to celebrate a landmark in the Estonian diaspora history here in Toronto with Kaili Kinnon. Tartu College has been a hub for Estonian academic and cultural life for 50 years. As a home for the Estonian academic organizations, Museum of Estonians Abroad, Estonian Life newspaper, the archives, library - we are acknowledging the people who built Tartu and have kept it successfully running for half a century.

Estonians are a singing nation so naturally we find music the best way to celebrate. We hope you can all join us from the comfort of your homes!

Throughout the fall, our online concert series will take you on a musical journey to different parts of Tartu College building that has many stories to tell.