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EKKT announces Kalevipoeg art contest

Neljapäev, juuni 24, 2021 - 11:45pm
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The Society of Estonian Artists in Toronto is proud to announce the KALEVIPOEG (Son of Kalev) ART CONTEST.

Kalevipoeg (Son of Kalev) is an Estonian epic poem written by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald in 1853. The purpose of this contest is to re-introduce this national Estonian epic poem to today’s younger generation.

All submissions can be created in any medium, any size and subject matter has to be related to the Kalevipoeg epic poem.

Kalevipoeg travels to Finland in search of his kidnapped mother. During his travel he purchases a sword but kills the blacksmith's eldest son in an argument. The blacksmith places a curse on the sword and which ends up in the bottom of a river bed. On returning to Estonia Kalevipoeg becomes king after defeating his brothers in a stone hurling competition. He constructs towns and forts and tills the land in Estonia. Kalevipoeg then journeys to the ends of the earth to expand his knowledge. He defeats Satan in a trial of strength and rescues three maidens from hell. War breaks out and destruction visits Estonia and Kalevipoeg's faithful comrades are killed, he hands rule over to his brother Olev and withdraws to the forest depressed. Crossing a river, the sword cursed by the blacksmith and previously thrown in the river, cuts off his legs. He dies and goes to heaven. Taara, in consultation with Uku another God, reanimates Kalevipoeg, places his legless body on a white steed, and sends him down to the gates of hell where he is ordered to strike the rock with his fist, thus entrapping it in the rock. So Kalevipoeg remains to guard the gates of hell.

DEADLINE: Please send all digital image (PDF or jpg) entries to by midnight June 24th, 2021. All art has to be created this year. Enter as many times as you like.

OPEN FIRST PLACE selected by the EKKT selection committee will receive $500.00 CAD and a one year membership to EKKT.

CHILDREN’S FIRST PLACE (artists have to be under 18 years of age) $100.00 CAD

SUBMISSIONS: All submissions can be created in any medium, any size and subject matter has to be related to the Kalevipoeg epic poem. Please also send a short bio and photograph of yourself. Depending on the number of entries we receive, we will also create a virtual gallery to exhibit all entries. EKKT acquires copyright on all contest submissions. EKKT is planning a Kalevipoeg themed art workshop in the late summer this year and also plans on printing t-shirts using the winners’ Kalevipoeg creations.

QUESTIONS: Please send all questions to ekktartists@gmail.comTHANK YOU.




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