Global Estonian | Jõekääru 2023: week 3 - Art and culture

Jõekääru 2023: week 3 - Art and culture

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Camp, trip or retreat
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At Jõekääru, campers from all over the world and of all Estonian language abilities are provided with opportunities to develop their language ability, to participate in traditional music, craft, dance and sports classes, and to engage in activities in nature.

Jõekääru Summer Camp's mandate is to provide a summer camp where children come to increase their sense of connection with Estonian cultures and traditions. Through their interactions with fellow Estonian children and adults, they will build an understanding of Estonian heritage and develop a sense of identity. 



Veebilehte haldab Integratsiooni Sihtasutus.
Sihtasutuse asutaja on Eesti Vabariik, kelle nimel teostab asutajaõigusi Kultuuriministeerium.