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Summer Camps 2023

For decades, summer camps for Estonian children have been crucial for the preservation of the language and culture in Estonian communities abroad. We have collected information about the coming summer's children and youth camps, where you can practice the Estonian language and meet your fellow nationals.

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Study in Estonia


Study in Estonia: Estonia is an opportunity!

Estonia is a unique country in the world - clean and untouched nature and one of the most digital societies in the world coexist here. Estonia is a place where bold ideas come true, and thanks to Estonia's small size, it is much easier than in some big countries.

If you are a young person of Estonian origin abroad, coming to study in Estonia is a good opportunity for you to start shaping your career, but also to get in touch with your roots...

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Veebilehte haldab Integratsiooni Sihtasutus.
Sihtasutuse asutaja on Eesti Vabariik, kelle nimel teostab asutajaõigusi Kultuuriministeerium.