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Culture area themes revealed for next three years

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
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Minister of Culture Anneli Ott (Center) has confirmed the culture area thematic years for the next three years. 2022 is to be dedicated to libraries, 2023 to exercise, and 2024 to cultural diversity.

"Next year is important because libraries are going through a period of change according to the needs of the readers. This is the origin of that theme. The role of libraries is more and more as being an advisor, a guide and an educator. Also, digital development causes libraries to face new challenges both in social and educational areas," Ott noted.

Libraries are becoming the main source for information and counseling, she added.

The library theme will be developed and brought to life by the National Library. In 2021, sports will take over the baton, to increase the interest in moving, and a healthier lifestyle.

However, the year 2024 will introduce the diverse culture and traditions of different nations living in Estonia, as well as Estonia's own unique cultural spaces and communities. The executors of 2023 and 2024 will be announced later.

The Ministry of Culture has been organizing thematic years since 2000, when the Estonian Book Year was celebrated. The aim of the thematic years is to bring one cultural field or theme to the fore each year. For example, the year of art, the year of Estonian theater, the year of the museum, the year of reading, the year of Estonian film, the year of cultural heritage, the year of music, the year of maritime culture, the year of children and youth, the year of digital culture.

All previous thematic years are published on the Ministry of Culture's website.


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