Global Estonian | Estonian social startup KideoCall helps kids around the world practice Estonian and find friends

Estonian social startup KideoCall helps kids around the world practice Estonian and find friends

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KideoCall is focusing on preschoolers with Estonian roots, to develop their Estonian language and introduce Estonian culture. Additionally, KideoCall is on the mission to support multilingual expat families living in Estonia.

KideoCall helps families living abroad to develop their preschoolers’ Estonian language and cultural bond. Via video calls, specially trained coaches engage 3-8 year-olds in activities that support their language and social skills development.

One session brings together up to 4 kids from around the world for 1-2 hours. KideoCall sessions are currently held in Estonian, Russian and Lithuanian. Kids love those get-togethers because the activities are based on their own interests, i.e. they get a say in what to do or play, and they find friends that share their cultural roots. With the help of KideoCall coaches, kids can practice their native language and learn new vocabulary through role-playing, playing board games, or crafting. During sessions, children are systematically encouraged to not sit at the desk or in front of the screen. Instead, active games and movement are promoted.

The booking process is very simple: to use KideoCall, parents book a time online, get a confirmation with a link to the video call, and start the call.

So far, KideoCall has brought more than 700 hours of active, social, and child-specific learning experience to more than 300 kids. 10 teachers and youth workers have been trained to effectively and meaningfully work with kids online.

KideoCall is cooperating with the Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, Tallinn University, and EdTech Estonia to further develop the e-learning methodology. To sign up to a test-group, leave your contacts here for further information:

94% of parents say they were surprised how engaged and happy their kids were during and after those sessions. Check out an introduction video or try it out at:

KideoCall website:


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