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Language camps for young Estonians living abroad

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Youngsters with Estonian roots who live abroad invited once again to attend language and culture camps in Estonia

Designed for young people aged 13-18, the camps are an opportunity for them to study Estonian, get to know local kids their own age and learn more about the country’s culture. Among other things, they go sightseeing and on excursions and play sports together. We want young Estonians living abroad to feel a connection to their homeland and to the Estonian language.

There will be three camps offering a total of 66 places in summer 2021:

  • Camp 1 will be held from 5-15 July for youngsters whose Estonian skills are elementary.
  • ​​​​Camp 2 will be held from 19-29 July for youngsters who speak Estonian at an upper-intermediate level.
  • Camp 3 will be held from 2-12 August for youngsters who are fluent in Estonian.

It is important that those attending the camps are both interested and motivated in terms of studying Estonian and learning about the country’s culture. The camps represent an excellent opportunity for youngsters who live outside of Estonia to take part in purposeful and well-organised language training, to communicate in a camp setting with their Estonian peers, to participate in age-appropriate activities together, to play sports, to come up with their own activities, to find out about Estonia and its culture and to go on excursions.

Please register by 15 March 2021 HERE.


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