Global Estonian | Language camps 2024 for young Estonians living abroad

Language camps 2024 for young Estonians living abroad

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Youngsters with Estonian roots who live abroad are invited to attend language and culture camps in Estonia. 

The language camps welcome young people aged 13-18 to learn Estonian together, interact with Estonian peers, and get to know Estonian culture better.

It is important that the young participants in the camp have an interest and motivation to learn Estonian and get acquainted with Estonian culture. The language camp provides organized and purposeful language learning opportunities for young people living outside Estonia, allowing them to interact with their Estonian peers in the camp environment, participate in age-appropriate activities, engage in sports and recreational activities, get to know Estonia and its culture, and participate in excursions.

To register your interest in participating in the camp -  fill out the online form. Registration is open until April 14, 2024.

The organisation of the camps is financed by the Ministry of Education and Research, and Ministry of Culture.





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