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Global Estonian diaspora
200 000
Estonians living abroad
121 181
Estonian citizens living abroad
Percentage of Estonians abroad


According to estimates, there are up to 200 000 people of Estonian origin worldwide – a substantial number considering the population of Estonia. Studies show that nearly 80% Estonians living abroad want to stay informed about life in Estonia and contribute to the development of the Estonian society and promoting Estonia worldwide. From March 2021, the domain of the global Estonian diaspora is coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other relevant ministries, partner agencies and Estonian organisations across the world help implement various activities.




Integration Foundation - Compatriots Service

Kaire Cocker
Head of Compatriots Service

Marika Sulg
Compatriots Service Consultant

Tarmo Saks
Information channels Specialist ( administrator)



Ministry of Foreign Affairs - global Estonian diaspora

Marin Mõttus
Ambassador at Large for the Diaspora

Liina Viies
Adviser for the Diaspora

Kadri Linnas
Adviser for the Diaspora


Estonian World Council (ÜEKN)

Sirle Sööt (Sweden)



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