Global Estonian | Estonian EdTech company SpeakTX helps to develop speech and language skills of children
Estonian EdTech company SpeakTX helps to develop speech and language skills of children

Estonian EdTech company SpeakTX helps to develop speech and language skills of children

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SpeakTX (in Estonia: Kõ is an online platform with exercises for anyone  seeking to improve their speech. The exercises have been designed by experienced speech and language therapists for both children and adults. Exercises can be done  either in collaboration with a specialist (a speech and language therapist or a teacher) or independently, together with parents.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, approximately 10% of the global population has a speech or language disorder. This estimate may not capture children who have mild or undiagnosed speech difficulties, so the true prevalence of speech disorders in children may be even higher. In 2021, the SpeakTX team conducted a pilot study in 20 kindergartens together with the Tallinn Education Department. A background survey revealed that on average, one in four children aged 2-7 needs support with their speech and language skills.

With a severe shortage of professionals and the increasing prevalence of speech disorders, it is important to use digital solutions to increase the availability and effectiveness of speech therapy. SpeakTX addresses the global problem of limited access to speech therapy services. It aims to enhance the therapy experience, improve the outcomes of therapy sessions, and increase access to care for children. In Estonia, the SpeakTX environment is already in use in nearly 500 kindergartens, schools and hospitals and has more than 6000 users. In February 2023, the platform was launched in Latvia and Georgia, and will be launched in Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom and Serbia this year as well.


The platform’s main features include interactive speech therapy exercises, personalised therapy plans and a video consultations tool. The vast catalogue of exercises is designed to address a large variety of speech disorders from most common childhood speech impediments to severe clinical diagnoses. SpeakTX allows children to actively participate in their therapy by following the personal therapy plan online, under the guidance and supervision of their therapist. This approach facilitates independent work, ultimately shortening the duration of therapy and increasing its effectiveness. The therapist on the other side can monitor the activity and follow the progress of the child. Thanks to SpeakTX, speech therapy is delivered in a comfortable and playful way.

You can read more about SpeakTX from and The SpeakTX team holds a personal workshop for each kindergarten and school who joins the platform to help them seamlessly integrate the solution to the therapists’ and teachers’ workflow.

Birgit Krieger- Tegevjuht ja kaasasutaja, SpeakTX

Birgit Krieger
CEO & Co-Founder, SpeakTX


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