Global Estonian | Global Estonian virtual forum is being held on December 3rd
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Global Estonian virtual forum is being held on December 3rd

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The Global Estonian virtual forum will be held on December 3rd at 16.00 Estonian time.



This time, ahead of the parliamentary elections in March 2023, the virtual forum will look at the extent to which the voice of Estonians abroad counts and how much can people influence life in Estonian society from abroad.

Editors and journalists of the Estonian diaspora media are in the studio to discuss the current and future role of the diaspora media.

There are live interviews from communities abroad and folktronic band Puuluup, just returning from a world tour, will provide musical entertainment.

Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu will be giving opening remarks.

The virtual forum is moderated by Anett Numa.

The virtual forum of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be watched from any location with an internet connection. You can watch it in Estonian, English or Russian.




· Introduction by Anett Numa

· Welcoming statement by Foreign Minister Urmas Reinsalu


· Live interviews from abroad

· Panel discussion ‘Does the voice of Estonians abroad count?’ (Raul Rebane, Peeter Püvi, Reet Marten Sehr)

· Music by Puuluup


· Live interviews from abroad

· Panel discussion ‘A Common Information Space – a Dream or a Possibility?’ (Marcus Kolga, Sirle Sööt, Ülle Toode)


· Anu Raud from the Heimtal Museum contemplates on the Estonian essence

· Musical finale by Puuluup

Estimated end of the event at 18.00



Urmas Reinsalu

Foreign Minister

Raul Rebane

Journalist, communication consultant and strategic adviser

Peeter Püvi

Director of the Consular Division, Estonian Embassy in Finland

Reet Marten Sehr

Estonian World Congress (ÜEKN), Vice President of the Estonian Central Council in Canada

Sirle Sööt

Editor-in-Chief of the Rahvuslik Kontakt magazine, Chairwoman of the Estonian Association in Sweden

Ülle Toode

Journalist, communication lecturer, founder and chairwoman of the Italian Association of Italy

Marcus Kolga

Journalist and political scientist from Canada

Anu Raud

Textile artist and writer, academic

Anett Numa






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