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Rahvuskaaslaste noortevahetus Eestis - Tagasi juurte juurde!

Youth Exchange in Estonia - Back to Our Roots!

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The youth organization Seiklejate Vennaskond is once again organizing the Back to Our Roots! youth exchange in Estonia from August 6th to August 17th 2023.

The youth exchange brings together 30 young people aged 18-30 of Estonian origin; 20 living abroad and 10 from Estonia. The main aim of the youth exchange is to introduce the Estonian culture and language to participants.  

The programme includes: 

  • introducing the Estonian history and cultural heritage to young Estonians living abroad;
  • sharing Estonian success stories, good practices and planned future developments;
  • teaching participants the Estonian language in the non-formal learning environment;
  • providing information about work and study opportunities in Estonia;
  • introducing Estonian governance system;
  • creating the network for young people of Estonian origin that might support repatriation.


​During the whole exchange programme the participants will have a chance to learn and practice Estonian in the non-formal learning environment. The programme consists of various activities organized in different parts of Estonia. 

The youth exchange programme is organized by youth organization Seiklejate Vennaskond, coordinated by Estonian Education and Youth Board and financed by the Compatriots Programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.


Rahvuskaaslaste noortevahetus Eestis - Tagasi juurte juurde!




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