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Global Estonian is an online global community and network for Estonians and friends of Estonians around the world.


Connect with Estonians, our communities, organizations, groups and businesses around the world.


Are you in Athens and looking for an Estonian school? In Cape Town and looking to connect with Estonians? In Cologne and hankering for pirukad. Find it all here!


Explore and share your Global Estonian locations, finds and experiences.


Hosting an Estonian event? Starting up a choir? Let Estonians in your community and around the world know by adding your event at Global Estonian!


Discover all of the Global Estonian groups and organizations on the first ever global map of all things Estonian!


Global Estonian features the largest and only global network of Estonian groups, organizations and events in the world.


Create your own Global Estonian listings, news, events and create photo and video galleries to share with the world.


Connect and learn about the Global Estonian world!




Connect and network with Estonians from all around the world

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Veebilehte haldab Integratsiooni Sihtasutus..
Sihtasutuse asutaja on Eesti Vabariik, kelle nimel teostab asutajaõigusi Kultuuriministeerium.