Global Estonian | Estonia - #1 in Europe in number of unicorns per capita

Estonia - #1 in Europe in number of unicorns per capita

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7 unicorns founded by Estonians and/or in Estonia have taken the country to the top in Europe in number of unicorns per capita according to Startup Estonia. 

A unicorn refers to a startup company with a value of over $1 billion.

The companies include: Skype, Playtech, Wise, Bolt, Pipedrive, Zego, and

Co-founder of Bolt and President of the Estonian Founders Society, Martin Villig sees the seven Estonian unicorns as a mark of rapid development of our startup ecosystem and gives credit to the entrepreneurs, employees, the politicians who have shaped the economic space and investors who have taken chances. ‘’Unicorn is a symbolic landmark in the winding journey of building a technology company. In my experience, I can say that the journey is tricky, but the positive examples are inspiring more and more entrepreneurs to think globally and solve important problems,’’ Villig adds.


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