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Estonian Worldwide Youth Network holds first general meeting

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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On Saturday, April 24, MTÜ Ülemaailmne Eesti Noortivõrgustik (ÜENV) - Estonian Worldwide Youth Network- held its first general meeting. The network was established in October 2019 with the aim of representing the rights and interests of Estonian young people living abroad; to support and enable the maintenance of young people's ties with the Estonian state and to increase the participation of young people in the promotion of Estonianness.

The general meeting received eight young members of the Management Board living in seven different countries: Anna-Liisa Sepp (USA), Erik Stenqvist (Sweden), Jens Jaanimägi (Austria), Juku Gold (Canada), Kadi Laaneots (Estonia / Canada), Martin Tikk (Estonia), Tuuli-Emily Liivat (Finland) and Valera Krinberg (Russia / Siberia).

The general meeting of the network approved for the first time important documents prepared by former board members (including founding members) during the last year, in consultation with several different experts. Important documents that were approved included the statutes, rules of procedure, development plan, action plan for 2021 and budget.

Any young person with Estonian roots aged 16-35 living abroad or Estonian youth association operating on a democratic basis who wish to act for the purposes of the network can become a member of the network.

The goals set out in the development plan in 2021 are to create an active and dense global network of young Estonians, to contribute to the emergence and development of global young Estonian communities, and to enhance the protection of the interests of global Estonian youth.

Admission to membership is based on the submission of an application. Each candidate is required to send a CV, curriculum vitae and a signed application form. Members are admitted by a decision of the board, after which the rights and obligations of the members apply.

"I am sincerely pleased that as a result of the ESTO2019 youth delegates program, a think tank and organization of young Estonians abroad has been established, which supports and creates networks of young Estonians on a global level," said Martin Tikk, member of the board of ÜENV. Among other things, the youth network contributes to collecting and mapping the interests and votes of Estonians abroad and, more generally, seeks to build a global network through which to disseminate information from different communities and to organize activities involving young people.

For example, in the summer of 2020, the “Virtual Days” organized by the Network took place, bringing together almost 100 young Estonians from more than 20 different countries.

This summer, the Virtual Days will take place again and the Network is waiting for young volunteers to organize this event!


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