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Karl Herbert Grabbi discusses the Estonian Mentorship Network.
Karl is the President of the Estonian School in Chicago, founder of the Estonian Worldwide Youth Network, head of the mentorship programme of the Estonian American National Council

Every young person has a formula for success covering various academic, professional and personal goals. Striving towards big dreams spurs young people into action to achieve extraordinary results in their private and public lives. One key element that can help young people meet their goals is mentorship. With support from the Estonian American National Council (EANC), I launched a programme called the Estonian Mentorship Network two years ago, offering young people of Estonian origin (aged 18-35) in the United States a chance to find a mentor who is a successful and experienced expert in their field. I would like to expand this endeavour to other countries. All young people who attain their goals help increase the strength and size of Estonia in the world!

The Estonian Mentorship Network established for young Estonians in the United States helps young Estonians find traineeship and work opportunities through mentors, opening up new possibilities for networking and success. The programme has been conducted online successfully in the past two years.

A mentor performs many different roles: eases career paths, makes new contacts, offers reliable advice, and much more. The vision for this programme was born out of the fact that all my traineeship and job opportunities over the years have come through various mentors, from many inspiring Estonians in different corners of the world. My vision is to create a global network where every young Estonian across the world has a chance to find a suitable mentor. This is why I would like to call on Estonians abroad to launch a mentorship network in their country where you can offer the young people of your community the same we have been able to give to young Estonians in the United States: hope for a brighter future.

If you are interested in creating a similar programme in your country, please contact the Global Estonian Youth Network that helps develop the Estonian Mentorship Programme. Their email is

The Google Forms link for registering for the mentorship programme is here.



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