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London Estonian Society to celebrate its 100th anniversary

Wednesday, May 5, 2021
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London Estonian Society, one of the oldest expat Estonian societies in the world, is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year on the 7th of July.  Due to the pandemic-related restrictions the celebrations will be held virtually.

Tiia Avastu, Chairman of Estonian Society in London, writes: "If you have a memory, story, photos or videos of the London Estonian Society, or if you just wish to wish the Society happy anniversary, please do get in touch with us at by May 15th at the very latest. We would be delighted to share your story and content on the day of the celebration."

Founded in 1921 in the newly formed Republic of Estonia Embassy, South Kensington, London, the embassy allocated a room to the society, which quickly became a meeting hub for all Estonian nationals in the United Kingdom as well as those visiting, such as Estonian sailors. Written in a 1938 log: “The Society is offering a comfortable and warm space for all members to listen to the radio together, use the library and read magazines, and spend time in each other’s company playing parlour games.”

Throughout the century the Society has been active in bringing together the Estonians living in and around London. Encouraging the preservation and celebration of Estonian traditions and introducing the Estonian cultural quaintness to others. The Society has always offered opportunities to connect and introduce Estonians living in the UK to those briefly visiting or looking to stay for longer.



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