Global Estonian | The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to strengthen relations with global Estonians

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to strengthen relations with global Estonians

Wednesday, February 17, 2021
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The Foreign Minister confirmed her wish to keep in touch with the global Estonian community and announced that the Ministry plans to develop a diaspora policy for this purpose and to create a special envoy for diaspora issues in the Ministry.

"Estonia cherishes each and every one of its people. This is also our guiding principle in consular affairs and staying in touch with the global Estonian community," Foreign Minister Liimets stated. "A considered and efficient engagement with Estonians abroad contributes to our (future) goals and international success. One of the aims of the global programme for Estonians is to include our diaspora in the development and life of Estonia. To achieve this, we need new targeted action that contributes to Estonia’s future."

"We have already taken some steps towards this goal. We conducted a survey last autumn to inform our diaspora policy and launch specific activities. The results provide us with an understanding of the attitudes of Estonians living abroad, their interest in participating in Estonian life and their expectations towards the Estonian state. We are creating the position of an Ambassador at Large for Diaspora Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to increase the cohesion of our diaspora policy."

The full report on foreign policy by Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets at the Parliament of Estonia can be read here:



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