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Parliamentary Elections 2023

Parliamentary elections are held in Estonia on March 5th 2023.

The right to vote abroad applies to Estonian citizens living abroad permanently and to voters who are temporarily staying abroad and are included in the list of voters.

Voters who live abroad permanently must have a designated electoral district. If you have none, you will not be included in the list of voters. To check whether you have a designated electoral district, please contact and provide detailed information about your last place of residence in Estonia.

If you have never lived in Estonia, please submit the last Estonian address of your parents or grandparents to


Internet Voting

Feburary 27th until March 4th

You can vote electronically on the website.

Electronic voting takes place from 9.00 on 27 February until 20.00 on 4 March 2023 (around the clock).

Make sure you have valid PIN codes for your ID card that you will need for electronic voting.


Election Compass

ERR and the University of Tartu's Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies have developed an election compass to help voters make an informed choice at the next election. Try it below!




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