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North American women- dance your way to Tantsupidu 2025

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Come to the 'Nou Pois Äläud Tantsulaager' at Jõekääru, Ontario on September 9-11, 2022 for the women's dance workshop.

At the end of tantsulaager, we collectively decide whether to commit to a North American Naiste rahvatantsu rühm and take a run at Tantsupidu 2025

Top reasons to attend Nou Pois Äläud, dance with other 'vinged naised' for the weekend and thereafter decide whether to create the first ever North American Womens' Rahvatantsurühm, aiming to be selected for Tantsupidu 2025 // Miks alustada naiste rahvatantsu rühmaga pürgimaks 2025 Tantsupeole:​

  1. Do you love to dance, or want to give it a go?  
  2. Is a weekly rehearsal schedule all year killer to manage?  
  3. No rahvatants in your area, mixed pairs or otherwise?
  4. FOMO if you miss out being part of a group of women with a joint mission?
  5. All too few Estonians in your area?  Or maybe just enough to rehearse together between tantsulaagrid?
  6. Not into mixed-pairs tantsimine?
  7. Above all else, is Tantsupidu on your bucket list?  

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is your answer to dance at Tantsupidu 2025, as a North American collective, with instructors from Eesti, who will whip us into shape if we decide to proceed with semi-annual (?) dance camps within North America.  

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