Virtual forum for Global Estonians: December 2023 | Global Estonian

Virtual forum for Global Estonians: December 2023



· Introduction. Silver Tambur

· Welcoming words. Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna

· e-Services abroad from the perspective of an Estonian abroad: everything you need to know. Erika Piirmets

· Video call to the United States. Heilika and Ülo Pikkov

· How can you research your family history virtually? Fred Puss

· Music by Duo Ruut



· The programme of Tartu – European Capital of Culture 2024. Erni Kask and Annela Laaneots

· How the European Capital of Culture and the Southern Estonian vibe match. Jalmar Vabarna

· Video call to the United States. Karel Polt on dividing his life between Otepää and Los Angeles

· Video call to Võrumaa. Mari Kalkun and the Aigu om Festival



· End-of-the-year interview with Anna Hints

· Musical finale by Duo Ruut

The estimated end of the event is at 18.00



Margus Tsahkna – Foreign Minister

Heilika ja Ülo Pikkov – documentary filmmaker and director currently based in the USA

Erika Piirmets – Digital Transformation Adviser at e-Estonia

Fred Puss – genealogist, Director of the Estonian Biographical Center

Karel Polt – author of Literally Estonian from Los Angeles

Jalmar Vabarna – singer and musician (Trad.Attack!, Zetod), Ambassador of Tartu 2024

Mari Kalkun – singer, songwriter, composer and musician, Ambassador of Tartu 2024

Erni Kask – Head of International Relations, Tartu 2024

Annela Laaneots – Head of the Southern Estonia programme, Tartu 2024

Anna Hints – author, writer and director of the film Smoke Sauna Sisterhood, and composer

Duo Ruut – a folk music duo comprising Katariina Kivi and Ann-Lisett Rebane

Silver Tambur – moderator

Video Topic: 
Estonian culture in the world


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