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Mina, eestlane: 200 years of the Estonian diaspora in Omsk

Community members and leaders

This time, we will talk to Vladimir Tugeus and Ivan Ubaleht from the Omski Eesti Selts (Omsk Estonian Society).

The Omsk Estonian Society was registered last year, but Estonians have been active there for centuries.

Vladimir is an Estonian language teacher. Ivan, the head of the organisation, is a father of three, working in artificial intelligence. Ivan brings together Estonians and their descendants scattered in the villages of the Omsk Oblast. He knows their worries, joys, and stories. Other Finno-Ugric peoples living in the region are also involved in the Omsk Society.

This is the ethnofuturistic way in which the Estonian diaspora is developing in Omsk – ancient heritage and customs are in sync with modern technology. What can we expect from it?

How is Estonian culture doing in Western Siberia, what is everyday life like for Estonians in Omsk, and what do they dream of?


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