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Mina, eestlane: the Estonian diaspora in Kabardino-Balkaria

Community members and leaders

Maret is the leader of the local Estonian organisation called Kodumaa. The main seat of the organisation is in the city of Nalchik, but they also have links and contacts with Estonians in the village of Allmäe.

Kodumaa takes part in various national events in the city of Nalchik and also actively organises events to promote Estonian culture.

Thanks to the work of Maret and other members, Estonians are well known in the region. As a sign of friendship, local Balkars took the national flag of Estonia to the top of Mount Elbrus in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Maret Romani has been awarded the Presidential Order of the White Star, Fifth Class.


Veebilehte haldab Integratsiooni Sihtasutus.
Sihtasutuse asutaja on Eesti Vabariik, kelle nimel teostab asutajaõigusi Kultuuriministeerium.