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The award-winning Viru Keskus store of Estonian bookstore chain Rahva Raamat. Source: Tõnu Tunnel

Estonian bookstore chosen as the best in the world

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The recently renovated Rahva Raamat location in Tallinn's Viru Center was awarded the 2022 Bookstore of the Year Award by the London Book Fair.

The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2022 website states:

Rahva Raamat Viru Store (Estonia) is the winner of The Bookstore of the Year Award, being commended for “demonstrating the importance of sustainability throughout its refurbishment, combining ‘fusion environments’ that respect their roots, nourish nostalgia, and also provide modern technical services. These all combine to create a wonderful, cultural oasis for its community and customers, regardless of their language, interests or age, served by knowledgeable staff who are inspired to offer a level of service that matches the stimulating environment.

"We are very happy that the transformation of the Viru Center bookstore, which lasted nearly a year and a half, was such a success that it was noted in the wider world as well," said Rahva Raamat board chairman Viljar Ots.

The Rahva Raamat store had been nominated alongside La Mistral in Madrid and Norli Universitetsgata in Oslo.

Rahva Raamat bookstores have previously been shortlisted for the title of Bookstore of the Year as well, including the Viru Center store previously reaching the top four in 2016 and the Tallinn Old Town store being chosen among the top three in 2020.




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