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Tulevik: Inglismaa Eestlaste Noorte ja Laste Suvelaager

Reisimine ja vabaõhusündmused
Тип события: 
Laager, reis või retriit
Эл. почта: 

Mõeldud 7+17 aastastele lastele ja noortele.

Organised jointly by Tulevik and the Association of Estonians in Great Britain, our children’s summer camp takes place at a central countryside location in the UK for one week each August (the current venue is Catthorpe Manor Estate). We welcome children of Estonian origin and Estonian friends from all over the world – although many of our campers live in the UK, we also have children attending from countries such as Germany and Italy.

The timetable is Estonian in flavour – the children have lessons in Estonian singing, dancing and language. There is also an emphasis on sports and team games. The camp is bilingual – the child’s first language is no barrier to attendance!




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