Global Estonian | KideoCall organizes virtual language camps for 3–11-year olds
KideoCall korraldab virtuaalseid keelelaagreid 3–10aastastele lastele

KideoCall organizes virtual language camps for 3–11-year olds

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The virtual language camps aim to bring together children with Estonian roots from all over the world, raise their interest in the Estonian language through playful activities, practice and enrich their communication skills, and strengthen their cultural contact with Estonia.

The language camps take place via video call in small groups (up to 4 children) and are conducted by experienced KideoCall language camp instructors. We will meet on five consecutive days, each camp lasts 50 minutes. The parent does not (usually) have to take part in the activities but can do their work in another room at the same time.  Children do not need to sit still for long periods - the smaller the children, the more mobile the activities.

In the camp sessions, we do hands-on and playful activities such as arts and crafts, role-playing, musical activities, activities about Estonian culture and customs, and movement games. The activities are chosen according to the children's interests, and we incorporate repetition of the themes/vocabulary of the previous days.

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