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Get to know Estonia at Tallinn University

Get to know Estonia at Tallinn University


Discover the unique facets of Estonia, a nation at the forefront of digital innovation. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Estonia's choral tradition with its world-famous Song Festivals, witness the natural beauty of Estonia and delight your taste buds with kama or curd snacks.

Discover all this and more with us, and come and study in the unique Master's programme Estonian Studies at Tallinn University! The programme teaches the Estonian language, culture, history, societal and political topics based on English.

Estonian Studies students are from different countries, who are interested in Estonia - for example from China, Japan, Turkey, USA, Georgia, Columbia. From Columbia is a second-year student Alberto Andrés Peralta Rico, who has always been fascinated by the Baltic region. But why Estonia? Mainly because of musical culture and nature. “I would recommend this degree to anyone who wants to dig really deep into Estonian culture. This degree is a window from where foreigners like me can get a quite complete view of Estonia. And you will also get to relate and intermingle with Estonians during your studies,” says Alberto.

But our study programme is also ideal for someone of Estonian heritage. “My grandmother fled to the United States from Saaremaa in 1944 and while I was growing up, always told me stories of her homeland. She and my mother instilled in me a love for Estonia, which has gotten stronger since I began the Estonian Studies program. The programme allowed me to get in touch with my ancestry, but also in a way, gave me the opportunity to find myself," says Ilea Liidia Peckham

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